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For those of us who are about to jam, we salute you…

I had a dream brothers and sisters. I brought Soulshine to Nashville with the intention of serving great pizza and bringing music to Nashville that you didn’t hear on every street corner. The new country style of music is everywhere here and I don’t have anything against the machine, after all it’s what makes Nashville what it is. Soulshine has been the place where “the musicians hang out” for

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Noise Complaints Restrict Midtown Business

Owners of several Midtown restaurants and bars said it’s unfair to be punished for a city ordinance that affects live music and their business. Soulshine Pizza Factory on Division Street was recently in court following numerous noise complaints from nearby residents.

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Soulshine: A ‘deer camp for hippies’ who happen to love pizza

When Chris Sartin was 30 years old, he knew he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life working an office job.

“I knew I needed to be doing something creative, and I wasn’t very good with somebody telling me what to do all the time — how to dress and what to say,” he says. “I was more into expressing myself than I was fitting into a mold of what someone wanted me to be.”

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The Best Pizza Joints in Nashville

Midtown is filled with loads of funky restaurants and bars to pop in during the week and weekend nights. Soulshine Pizza offers not only some incredible pies, but they occasionally host live music events and songwriters’ nights to provide customers with both great food and great music. Complete with a rooftop patio

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