Soulshine: A ‘deer camp for hippies’ who happen to love pizza

Mississippi Today | Mississippi Culture | By Mary Margaret Halford | Photography by Melanie Thortis/© The ‘Sip Magazine

When Chris Sartin was 30 years old, he knew he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life working an office job.

“I knew I needed to be doing something creative, and I wasn’t very good with somebody telling me what to do all the time — how to dress and what to say,” he says. “I was more into expressing myself than I was fitting into a mold of what someone wanted me to be.”

He wound up building a business from the ground up — a pizza place he describes as “a deer camp for hippies, except you don’t have to be a member.”

Before his foray into the restaurant trade, Sartin didn’t want to hang around his dad’s insurance business, so he painted, listened to music and learned to cook. And when Walker’s Drive-In in Jackson came up for sale, he decided opening a restaurant was the career for him. Unfortunately, another buyer beat him to Walker’s.

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